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Troop Database Test Page

This page allows you to sample the Perl-based CGI script I have written to keep troop records organized and allow multiple levels of access to the data.

The first level of access is that given to all members. This enables the person to view their own record and to generate several types of troop rosters. To try this out, log in as Joe Scout, the Patrol Leader of the Bat Patrol.

The next level of access is intended for most of the adult leaders. This level adds the ability to view all information in the database and to do searches in that information. To try this out, log in as Tweedle Dee, a Committee Member.

Finally, there is a third level of access which adds the ability to modify the database, including adding records, deleting records, and changing records. This is intended for a couple of people in the troop, such as the Scoutmaster, the Advancement Chair, and the Membership Chair. To try this out, log in as Nathan Diva, the Scoutmaster.

Let me know what you think of the program, and if you have any suggestions for improvements or any bug reports.

Feel free to download copies of either the Unix-formatted version or the DOS-formatted version of the script. (Note:The DOS version simply has the line terminations changed. No conversion to run under DOS/Windows has been performed.) I would enjoy hearing what sorts of uses you might put my script to.

Good Scouting!

Jon Dixon,

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